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Japan Exchanges

TAC Diet Exchange
This program, sponsored by the Tokyo American Center TAC) at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo, brings small groups of Japan’s Diet members to Washington, D.C., for a weeklong series of seminars and meetings on policy issues related to security, economics and trade. The program is designed to enhance participants’ understanding of U.S. policymaking in their areas of legislative interest. The Foundation arranges meetings and discussions with U.S. senators, members of the House of Representatives, Congressional staffers, administration officials, scholars, business leaders and officials in Washington’s public policy community.


TAC Young Economists Washington Seminar
The Mansfield Foundation, in collaboration with the Tokyo American Center (TAC) at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo hosts the Young Economists Washington Seminar that involves organizing a visit to the United States for a small delegation of Japanese economists from government, media, business, academia and research institutions.  The Young Economists Washington Seminar is a weeklong series of seminar discussions and on-site visits designed to expose the economists to the dynamics of the U.S. economic system.  The program aims to provide up-and coming leaders in Japan with an inside look at the various factors behind America’s economic growth.


U.S. –Japan Financial and Economic Cooperation Exchange
The U.S.-Japan Finance and Economic Cooperation Exchange is a program that enables Japanese government officials from six ministries to travel to the United States to meet their counterparts in the United States government; engage in policy dialogues with decision makers in Washington, D.C. and New York, and learn “best practices” in financial and economic policymaking.


U.S.-Japan Healthcare and Medical Device Exchange
The U.S.-Japan Healthcare and Medical Device Exchange is a new Mansfield Foundation program bringing Japanese civil servants in the healthcare regulatory field to the United States to meet with their counterparts in the U.S. government and with U.S. healthcare professionals.  The Japanese participants have been invited to the U.S. to examine U.S. medical devices approval “best practices,” and to engage in information exchanges intended to contribute to the implementation of regulatory and health policies that promote innovation and favorable health outcomes.  The program will involve briefings and dialogues at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, meetings with policymakers and healthcare professionals, and a site visit to a state-of-the art medical facility.



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