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U.S.-Japan Cooperation on an Integrated Approach to Reducing Emissions from Passenger Vehicles

The Mansfield Foundation is hosting a series of four workshops, made possible by the generous support of Toyota Motor North America, aimed at facilitating U.S.-Japan cooperation on reducing emissions from passenger vehicles through integrating a broad range of technical and policy approaches.  On April 26, 2010, the Mansfield Foundation hosted the first meeting of the series among a group of Japanese and American officials, scholars, and industry experts who discussed strategies for promoting the integrated approach and the fiscal reality affecting the funding of related measures.  Building on that conference, seventeen Japanese and American transportation specialists, including a number of individuals central to the conversation in Washington, D.C., met for a second time for a two-day meeting in Tokyo and Toyota City held in collaboration with Intelligent Transportation Society (ITS) of America.  Over a day of discussions in Tokyo, this dialogue focused on the high-level policy challenges associated with expanding the use of integrated approach measures.  On the following day, the group travelled to Toyota City, a city at the cutting edge of low-emissions transportation, where participants observed real world application of many integrated approach measures.  Participants also met with officials at the Toyota Motor Corporation, who demonstrated new and emerging vehicle technologies they have designed to fit a modern, lower emissions transportation paradigm.  


In June of 2011, the Mansfield Foundation and ITS partnered with the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute to convene a two-day workshop in Ann Arbor, MI.  This workshop focused specifically on eco-driving, identifying eco-driving as one of the most immediate and globally available integrated approach tools for reducing vehicle emissions.  During the workshop, industry, government, and academic experts discussed current efforts to promote eco-driving in Japan, the U.S., and elsewhere.  They identified key barriers to promulgation of eco-driving, while discussing strategies for catalyzing its implementation through policy, technology, and practice.  The group concluded their discussions by drafting a list that highlights eco-driving’s primary obstacles and most promising catalysts


A final program event will coincide with the ITS World Congress in Orlando in October, 2011 which will provide a venue for sharing program results and conclusions with a broader global audience.      



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