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The Mansfield Asian Opinion Poll Database


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Welcome to the Mansfield Asian Opinion Poll Database, a reference for researchers and others to help monitor key public opinion trends in Northeast Asia. We’ve collected and translated top-of-the line opinion polls on key policy-related issues from major media organizations and other agencies in Japan, South Korea, and China. These polls were previously not available in English or on a central site on the Internet.  Although the content of polls may vary, we will focus on issues of salient importance to policymaking and regional diplomacy, such as:

  • Attitudes toward the United States and other nations in Northeast Asia
  • Perceptions of China's rising power and potential North Korean threat
  • Perceptions of the U.S.-Japan and U.S.-South Korea alliances
  • Regional economic competition
  • Domestic political trends; support for governments and administrations

We'll regularly update the polling data and archive the polls on our website. In addition, we plan to include supplemental commentary and analysis of the polls by leading experts in the Asia policy field.

We are honored that the following agencies and news organizations have signed on as charter partners of the project: The Cabinet Office of Japan (Japan); the Nikkei Shimbun (Japan); the Asahi Shimbun (Japan);Yomiuri Shimbun (Japan); Mainichi Shimbun (Japan); East Asia Institute (South Korea); the Dong-A Ilbo (South Korea); the Monthly Joong-Ang Magazine (South Korea); and the Horizon Research Consultancy Group (China). In the coming months, we expect to expand our partnerships with media organizations to increase our set of surveys from the region.

The U.S.-Japan Foundation is providing generous grant support for this project. In addition, the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership has provided a generous grant to help launch this project.


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